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Many people have a true passion for gardening. The hobby is well known for its dramatic stress-fighting ability, calming you and grounding you in natural energy. It can improve your mood, beautify your surroundings, and even allow you to sustain yourself with the foods that you harvest.

Over time, the garden can look old and tired. The beauty and utility of garden spaces occasionally need an update to brighten your home and invite nature back in. Finding the right mix of plants to make the garden colorful and earth friendly can prove very difficult. It requires you to experiment and guess and become a scientific expert in caring for different types of plants.

These are just a few of the reasons that many people become discouraged and overwhelmed. In addition, you might have trouble coming up with an overall gardening update that fits your needs, aesthetic sensibilities, budget, and lifestyle. This is an excellent time to call in an expert, but not just any landscaper. Instead, choose someone who understands and encourages the relationship between your garden and your inner self.

Founded by Jackie Riffice, Prairie Godmothers exists to help others find and develop a sense of shared responsibility as guardians and caretakers of the earth. Jackie was in a busy Chicago train station one day when she felt inspired to share the gifts of nature with the harried commuters around her. She began handing out native flowers to strangers, and the response was truly heartwarming. It was then that Jackie decided to build a company on the idea of intentionality and making a difference.

Whether you hope to grow your own food or create a vibrantly colored landscape, Prairie Godmothers is here to help. We will guide you in developing a deeper connection between nature and yourself, and can even provide tips on living a greener lifestyle that is more in harmony with the natural world.

What Is a Garden Makeover?


A Garden Makeover is an excellent choice for those who want to start over, but are unsure where to begin. It is also ideal for those who will have enough time, interest, and skill to maintain a functioning garden, but don’t know how to get it started.

Our garden makeover begins with a personalized consultation. We will take a look at your existing garden and discuss the changes that you envision. We will also discuss your skills and challenges in plant care, how much time you have to devote to the garden, and how you want your garden to ‘feel’.

With that information in mind, our experts will design and implement an updated space, reshaping your existing spaces as needed and selecting plants that capture how you want the garden to feel. Our goal is to convert old, tired gardens that need a bit of help into modern, eco-friendly spaces that reflect the homeowner.

To take the first steps toward reconnecting with nature and developing the garden of your dreams, we invite you to contact Prairie Godmothers today. We are located in Flossmoor Illinois, and we can arrange telephone consultations with those who live further away. Call us at (708) 205 – 5126 to learn how we can help!

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