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Gardening is a true passion for many people. Well known for its ability to fight stress, calm and soothe the soul, and create a feeling of grounding, gardening can also elevate your mood, create an elegant backdrop, and even allow you to grow healthy and sustainable food.

The reality, though, is that gardening is also highly challenging. Over time, you will build physical strength and endurance, but in the early days, a new garden can take a tremendous physical toll. Gardening requires you to dig in the dirt, to care for your garden even during severe weather, and to become a subject matter expert in the care and nurturing of different kinds of plants.

For these reasons and others, many people simply become discouraged. While you might have an ideal garden plan in mind, and even have the resources to bring it to fruition, you might be unprepared for the sheer amount of time and labor that goes into maintaining a garden long-term. This is a wonderful time to contact an expert, but how can you be sure that the person you select to care for your garden shares your commitment to natural harmony?

Jackie Riffice was in a busy Chicago train station when she felt inspired to share her passion for the earth with others. She began passing out native flowers to busy passersby, and was genuinely moved by their outpouring of gratitude. In that moment, Jackie recognized her true calling to found a company on the premise of intentional action and making a difference, and Prairie Godmothers was born.

Whether you want to grow your own sustainable food or develop an elegant landscape, Prairie Godmothers is here to assist. We will teach you to develop and nurture your own deeper connections with nature, and provide tips and tricks for living an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

What Is Our Garden Maintenance Like?


Our Garden Care and Tending program is designed with you in mind. We can handle every aspect of maintaining your garden, or only those projects for which you do not have time, skill, or interest. We will carefully tend to your plants as if they were our own, ensuring that each one has a clean, healthy environment with plenty of room to spread out.

We follow the principles of harmony, balance, and connection, and strive to deepen the bond between you and your garden. Every choice that we make is designed to honor and nurture what you have created. Although you might have expert assistance, your garden remains your own, yet we’ll be with you every step of the way.

To take the first steps toward reconnecting with nature and developing the garden of your dreams, we invite you to contact Prairie Godmothers today. We are located in Flossmoor Illinois, and we can arrange telephone consultations with those who live further away. Call us at (708) 205 – 5126 to learn how we can help!

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