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Gardening is a passion for many people. It can help you curb stress, boost your mood, and connect you to the natural energy of the world around you. It will beautify your surroundings and even allow you to grow and harvest some of the food that you consume.

Yet gardening is a challenge when you don’t know what to plant or where to plant it. Knowing what’s growing and how to care for it can baffle even the most seasoned gardener. While it is a great form of exercise for the body and mind, many people are simply overwhelmed when faced with a puzzling landscape. In addition, gardening requires you to tend to the garden even in extreme temperatures and inclement weather, to dig down into the dirt, and to become an expert on different types of plant care.

For these and many other reasons, people often become discouraged. You might have a beautiful picture in your mind of what your garden should look like, but feel unable to turn that image into a reality. This is where a gardening expert comes in, but not just any expert. To truly turn your garden around, consult with someone who honors the larger connection between your garden and yourself.

Prairie Godmothers was founded by Jackie Riffice, a former commuter who found her calling in a busy Chicago train station. Always inspired by nature, she decided to share its gifts by bestowing native flowers on harried strangers passing through the station. Their genuine gratitude for such a simple gesture led her to a radical new decision, to build a company on the premise of intentionality and making a real difference.

Prairie Godmothers’ purpose is to help others cultivate a sense of shared responsibility as caretakers of nature. Whether you want to develop a vegetable garden or create a bed of elegantly colored native blooms, the company is committed to helping you find and nurture a deeper connection with the earth. You might even become inspired to reduce your carbon footprint and live more in harmony with nature.

What Is Garden Consultation?

Our Garden Consultation begins with a simple, relaxed walkabout around your existing landscape. We will discuss the advantages and challenges of your local area and the natural features of your yard. We will talk about the plants that you already have, and the pros and cons of your current choices. We will learn your personality, your time availability, the level of your existing knowledge and skill in plant care, and your dreams for the future of your garden.

Then, we will work with you to draw up sketches, make recommendations, and help you select a new direction. We will educate you about the plants that are selected, and give you the tools needed for success.

Garden Consultation services are an ideal choice for do-it-yourself gardening enthusiasts who just need a nudge in the right direction. You will retain control over the entire process, with Prairie Godmothers providing professional advice. You will then take what you have learned and move forward with your garden on your own.

To take the first steps toward reconnecting with nature and developing the garden of your dreams, we invite you to contact Prairie Godmothers today. We are located in Flossmoor Illinois, and we can arrange telephone consultations with those who live further away. Call us at (708) 205 – 5126 to learn how we can help!

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