In a busy Chicago train station, Jackie Riffice found her purpose in Prairie Godmothers. That day she challenged herself to share the gift of nature by passing out native flowers to the busy commuters. Their gratitude at her small gesture prompted her to create a company aimed at educating and inspiring others to embrace nature and gardening. A company founded on the premise that everything begins with one intentional step, and that making a difference is easy to do.

Through Prairie Godmothers she aims to cultivate in others a sense of shared responsibility as caretakers of our earth, while helping them discover the joy in nurturing native plants. Whether creating a lovely landscape, growing a vegetable garden, recycling or upcycling, there are many ways to live greener. She provides easy tips for anyone to make an impact, starting in their very own home and backyard.

When she isn't traveling to help clients and communities embrace their green thumbs, she is spending time in her home garden in Flossmoor, IL.


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We offer an array of programs that protect the planet and help you reconnect with nature, inspire creativity and celebrate the art of the garden. Whether in the garden or around the home, there is always something more to know about green living.


  • Evilena's Red Dresser
  • Chicago Bungalow Association
  • The Chicago Greystone and Vintage Home Program
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